Sassa Srd Status Check For R350 Online Payment Dates 2024?

How Do I Check My Sassa Status Online?


If you are a beneficiary or have applied for Sassa you would have to stay informed by Sassa status check for r350 payment dates of your application. Due to a large number of traffic, the official Sassa site will not be able to process your request for srd sassa gov za status check online.  We have developed this site so you can easily do srd status check online application. In this article, we will guide you on how to status check balance with ease and perform srd r350 status check online. So, If you have applied for SRD R340 grant, older person grant, or disability grant you can easily check the Sassa status of your application here 24/7 without any hurdle.

Women holding the phone and checking Sassa status check with gostatuscheck

Sassa Relief Grant Status Check, and Srd Sassa 350 grant application status check 

One of the leading social assistance programs in South Africa is the social grants system. The SASSA manages and administrates all SRD R350 grants under the Department of Social Development. During the covid19, the South African government started the SASSA program to provide assistance and support to vulnerable individuals and households who are not financially stable. President Cyril Ramaphosa started the SASSA agency.

The critical role of sassa is to administrate and manage social assistance programs, comply with regulations, and prevent fraud and abuse. SASSA is also responsible for checking the eligibility criteria, processing the applications, and paying aid to all beneficiaries.  

SASSA operates in regional offices and many service points across South Africa. Individuals can apply through (ADD KEYWORDS) these offices, and service points, online using the website and WhatsApp or by calling the toll-free number of SASSA.

Sassa R350 Grants Operated By Sassa Srd In South Africa:

SASSA is responsible for administrating various types of social grants under the South African government that include:

Disability Grant:

This grant is provided to individuals who have disabilities and cannot support them financially.

Child Support Grant: 

 The government lends a child support grant to assist the caregivers of children under 18.

Old Age Grant: 

This grant specifically targets old persons who have reached the age of 60 or above.

The Care Dependency Grant: 

Those available to caregivers of children with severe disabilities give this grant.


The grant is given to those who cannot support themselves due to physical and mental disabilities and require permanent care.

Foster Child Grant: 

The government explicitly gives the Foster Child Grant to caregivers looking after foster children.

These social grants aim to beat poverty, provide basic income security, and improve the well-being of individuals and households across South Africa. The government determines the eligibility criteria and payments.

Video Guide: Sassa Grant Status Check?

Below is the guide on how to status check online. If you have any issues you can simply check the video:

How To Check Sassa SRD Status Online For R350?

There are three ways to check sassa status and receive R350 social grant payments. You can check your sassa r350 status check online with these three methods:

  • Visit the official website srd. sassa. gov. za to perform Sassa Check the status or status check online balance check with .
  • Check your sassa srd check status r350 with WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Check your status with the Moya App.

Www Srd Sassa Gov Za Application: Check The Sassa 350 Status Check Of My Sassa R350 By Using The Official Site Sassa?

If you are willing to check your srd 350 Sassa Status and track the progress of your sassa.srd application, then you need to follow these simple steps for

Www Srd Sassa Gov Za Application Check The Sassa 350 Status Check Of My Sassa R350 By Using The Official Site Sassa
  • To get started and 350 status check online, visit the official site r350 by using this link:
  • After visiting the official site status check go to the “Application Status ” tab and click the Check Status button for sassa application status or srd.sassa grant. You can easily check 350 sassa status.
  • Now to proceed with sassa.srd status check you will be directed to the sassa check online page, where you will be asked to enter your ID and Phone number for the smooth process of r350 status.
  • Once you have entered the required information, hit the submit button. After clicking on the submit button you can status check SASSA, and your SASA status will be displayed on

How Can I Check The Srd 350 Status Check and Srd.Sassa.Gov.Za Status Through SMS or WhatsApp?

You can check your banking details status check balance and srd grant status check online via SMS or Whatsapp. This option is for if you want a more convenient and easy alternative than the website to srd sassa status check online.

By Using Whatsapp

To check your sassa status check online application status by using WhatsApp, Send a message to 082 046 8553.

Try Toll-Free Number

Alternatively, you can try the toll-free number “0800601011”.You can enquire about your sassa r350 grant status check and 350 sassa grant status check by speaking to a SASSA official. Just make sure that you have your ID and mobile number in your hand before making a call for r350 checking status.

Choose Any Language

One great thing about this method is that you can choose the language you feel most comfortable with and convenient to communicate with the staff and check status sassa 350. It is all about making your experience seamless and smooth for sassa status check banking details

So whether you prefer to call or message, SASSA has made it easy to r350 status check online and get the latest updates on your srd.sassa check.

How Can I Check The Srd Application Status Online Using the Moya App?

Moya App will provide you with complete info on how to check srd status. To srd.status check by using the Moya app, you need to follow these steps:

How Can I Check The Srd Application Status Online Using the Moya App
  1. To check srd-sassa-gov-za status check sassa status and check srd status Open your mobile app store and download the Moya app.
  2. After installing the Moya app, open it and navigate to the SASSA section or search SASSA services using the search bar.
  3. Now find an option for SASSA status check or srd grant application status check and click on it.
  4. You must add your ID and phone numbers to verify your identity. Enter both your ID and phone number.
  5. Once you have entered the required information, click on the submit button and wait to fetch your srd-sassa-gov-za status.

Moya App offers a user-friendly and smooth experience to stay aware of your SASSA status. The Moya App puts all the information in your hand and gives you easy access to your status and srd sassa status check banking details. It is easy to 350 sassa status check and srd check status online using Moya App.

Sassa Status Check For R350 Payment And Srd Sassa Check Status: Outcomes?

Application Complete:

When you come across this heartwarming message of application completed, it means that you have met the eligibility criteria and all of the necessary information has been collected. You will be awarded an SRD SASSA grant every month. You can also expect further instructions on accessing and receiving the grant.

Pending Bank Details:

If you have noticed that your application status is “Pending Bank Details,” it means that SASSA has approved your application, but there is a piece of information missing from your side regarding bank details. To get an SASSA grant, you must choose an option from provided payment gateways like Cash send or bank transfer. You would have to give this information to SASSA officials. Otherwise, the SASSA status check for r350 will show pending under your application. For more information, please visit

Reapplication Pending:

In the wave of the COVID-19 disaster, SASSA provides grants to South African citizens. Even after COVID-19, SASSA remains committed to providing financial support to its citizens who cannot financially support themselves. To get your SASSA R350 grant again, you have to reapply. When your application is pending, you have not provided the personal information or have not applied again. You need to apply again after the Covid-19 grant.

Period Pending:

The period pending status means that SASSA officials have received the applicant’s reapplication. But they are still checking the provided information and data of the applicant. It is advised for applicants to come back again and keep checking until the status is changed.

Period Approved:

When you check your SASSA status, and it shows the period approved, it means that your application or grant has been approved for a specific period.  One important thing is to check the sassa status check payday date while checking your SASSA SRD STATUS. If no date shows, your application has been approved for a specific period, but the grant has yet to be approved.

Period Declined:

 The period declined means that your application for a specific period has been rejected, and you will not get any grant in that period. The SASSA status website and moya app will show the reasons for the period declined with the status. Do not worry; the SASSA officials will allow applicants to appeal for consideration or reapply. But keep noticing that reapplying or the chance to appeal for consideration is 30 days after the application period has been declined. There are a few reasons for the period declined, as listed below:
1. UIF registration
. Debtor
. Identity verification failure
. NSFAS registration
. Cancelled Grant

Sassa Status Check For R350 Payment Dates 2024-2025 And SRD Payment Collection

The payment dates are scheduled and announced each month by SASSA. Every person may get the grant on a different date. The beneficiaries who get the grants through the post office will get payment dates each month by Sassa. There are no official dates for those who receive the grant through the bank.

Sassa Status Check For R350 Payment Dates 2024-2025

Normally, Sassa posts and pays the grants on the 20th of each month. If there are holidays on that day the grants will be transferred on the very next day.

We have given a rough chart and estimation of Sassa SRD payment dates below.

Note: Each grant has different payment dates. Just get the idea about dates and you need to keep yourself updated on these dates. You must remember that you will only get your grant money once you have received the confirmation from SASSA authorities that your payment has been confirmed. You can status check balance by the above-provided form. You just need to enter your ID and verified phone number.

Grant MonthOlder Persons GrantDisability GrantChildren’s Grant
April 20242024/04/032024/04/042024/04/05
May 20242024/05/032024/05/062024/05/07
June 20242024/06/042024/06/052024/06/06
July 20242024/07/022024/07/032024/07/04
August 20242024/08/022024/08/052024/08/06
September 20242024/09/032024/09/042024/09/05
October 20242024/10/022024/10/032024/10/04
November 20242024/11/052024/11/062024/11/07
December 20242024/12/032024/12/042024/12/05
January 20252025/01/032025/01/062025/01/07
February 20252025/02/042025/02/052025/02/06
March 20252025/03/042025/03/052025/03/06
Sassa Status Check For R350 Payment Dates 2024-2025 Table

You can find a complete guide on Srd Sassa Gov Za Banking Details here!

Ensuring That You Get The Sassa Grant Sent Straight To Your Bank Account:

If you do not have any banking details status check balance or a bank account, do not worry; you can still get your grant money by simply visiting nearby post office branches (SAPO/ Post Bank), Pick-N-Pay, or boxer stores. There is another Bank Mobile Money Transfer option, and select the cash to send money option.

To receive your SASSA grant directly into your bank account is the easiest, smoothest, and fastest method. By accepting your SASSA payment straight to your bank account, you will also skip the hassle of waiting in a queue at the post office.

Your grant amount will be directly deposited into your registered bank account monthly. Important to note is that your bank details or cellphone number must be registered under the approved applicant from the COVID-19 R350 grant application. This ensures the grant amount will reach the right person without hassle or confusion.

Meaning Of “My Sassa Status Pending”?

If you have noticed that your SASSA status is showing as “Pending” under your application. It means that the SASSA officials have received your documents or applications, but your application is currently under process. During the pending status period, the officials will check your eligibility for the program and verify your documents.

Please note that application processing time will vary, and It is advised to keep checking your status under your application.

You can also contact SASSA officials by using www.srd@ status for any further queries about your srd350 sassa status check or inquire about any further steps you may need to take.

Understanding The R350 Reconsideration Process After Your Sassa Status:

After checking your SASSA status, if you find that it requires reconsideration, you may need to be aware of the R350 Reconsideration process. The reconsideration process allows you to request a review of your application or decision made by SASSA officials.

During the review process, you will have a chance to provide additional documents that help or give evidence to support your eligibility for the R350 grant. This may include correcting the errors in already submitted papers or resubmitting any previously missing documents.

It is advisable to follow the rules and regulations of SASSA. You can appeal or submit a formal request with all the necessary documents. You need to provide all the details and documents within the time frame to consider your application.

Remember that the reconsideration process aims to provide a fair chance to applicants so they can give any supportive documents or evidence that proves their eligibility. If you have any questions, or confusion, or need clarification, you can contact SASSA officials by using [email protected] for rules and guidelines during the reconsideration process.

Seeking R350 Grant Reconsidered:

Contact SASSA:  

First, you need to contact the SASSA official using the helpline or visit the nearest SASSA office to enquire about the process and your queries.

Gather Support Documentation:

You can also gather all of the supportive documents that prove or give evidence about your eligibility criteria for the grant. This may include relevant documents such as proof of unemployment or financial hardship.

Submit a written request:

You can write a formal letter, fill out the reconsideration form, and send it to SASSA officials. Explain to them why your application needs to be reconsidered. Attach all of the supportive documents that you have gathered.

Follow Up On Your Request:

After submitting your reconsideration application stay in touch with the SASSA team to track the progress of your application. Inquire with them and provide them if they required any supportive documents during the process.

Be Patient:

The grant reconsideration process may take some time because it involves reviewing your application and all supportive documents. Stay in touch with the SASSA officials for the latest updates about your request.
Please remember that each case is different and unique compared to others, and the reconsideration process time may vary from case to case.
If you want to get information about Sassa application you can find a complete guide on Sassa Application For R350.

Steps To How Can Access By Using Srd Sassa Gov Za Login?

If you are a grant applicant, you can check your current SRD grant application status on the SASSA official site by using this link: Simply go to  SRD grant application status on the official site of SASSA on the dashboard by using this link and enter your South African ID number and verified mobile number.
You need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the official SASSA website.
  2. Enter the ID number and phone number.
  3. SASSA officials will show your status.

Eligibility Criteria For Sassa Srd Grant?

To be able to get a SASA SRD grant, you need to meet these eligibility criteria:

Residing In South Africa:

You must be a citizen or living inside the Republic of South Africa borders.

Age Requirement:

You must be above 18 and below 60 years old.

Unemployment Status:

You would have to be unemployed and have no income source.

No Social Grant:

You should not receive any social grant from SASSA.

No Unemployment Insurance Benefit:

You should not receive any unemployment insurance benefit and not qualify to get it.

No Student Financial Aid:

You should not receive any stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme or any other financial aid.

No Other Covid-19 Support:

 You should not get any other support from the South African government, specifically as part of the Covid-19 response.

You must meet the eligibility criteria to get the SASSA SRD grant. It is important to note that the requirements may vary from case to case. To get the latest knowledge and requirements, please contact SASSA officials.

If you are having any issues with checking your sassa status You can also perform the status check by using Moya App.

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you have noticed the Sassa status check failed while checking your Sassa status, it means there is an issue with your application or the information you have provided to Sassa officials. There could be numerous reasons for the Sassa Status check failure, like incomplete application, documents, incorrect details, or failure to meet the eligibility criteria.

You need to contact SASSA  by contacting the nearest office or contact them on the toll-free number “0800601011” and ask why your Sassa status has failed. They will guide you to rectify the issue. You can also provide them with any additional details or documents missing in the initial application and follow the instructions of Sassa to resolve the issue.

You can check the Sassa status online for free by visiting www Sassa gov za r350 status check.

There are three ways to track the Sassa status application:

Using the website: You can track your application by visiting the site or clicking this link.

By using Whatsapp: There is another way to track your application: by using Whatsapp. You can message Whatsapp at 082 046 8553 to check your Sassa status.

Using a toll-free number: You can also check your Sassa status using the toll-free number “0800 60 10 11” following the prompts and instructions.

After every mean test, the Sassa status will be updated. During the mean test, the Sassa officials will check your current eligibility criteria and updated documents. Your status will be updated or remain the same, depending on your financial situation.

If you have received a message of identification verification failure while checking your Sassa status, It means your data does not match the Home Affairs department database. You need to type the correct details to check your status.

 If you do not see the Sassa status selected, Sassa has not approved your application. You need to reapply for the grant, or you can appeal the decision, or a reconsideration request can be initiated.

 If you do not see the Sassa status selected, Sassa has not approved your application. You need to reapply for the grant, or you can appeal the decision, or a reconsideration request can be initiated.

You can check the Sassa status on Govt chat by following ways:

  • You can visit the using this link:
  • You can contact them at this email address: [email protected]
  • The website URL is

SASSA officials announce the Schedule for R350 Social Relief Grant payment status schedule every month. To check your payment status, you need to visit the official website of SASSA. You must have your ID number and verified phone number to provide your status. You can also use their toll-free number, “0800601011,” or message them on WhatsApp at “082 046 8553”.

SASSA has not selected any specific branch to collect the grants. When you find “Post Office not selected” while checking your status, you can collect the grant from any post office in South Africa.

If you find the Sassa R350 status still pending while checking the status, it means that your application is being reviewed it still needs screening and verification, and it still needs to be approved by SASSA. Once your application has been approved, you will get a message from SASSA to provide bank details.

Usually, the SASSA officials take up to 3 months to approve your application. The applicant will receive the grant after approval.

The applicants can check the SASSA details by using the online portal anytime.

If you find your application status “Complete” in SASSA, your reapplication process was successful, and your application will be checked monthly for verification. The SASSA officials will check your eligibility criteria monthly and grant you aid. You need to check your SASSA status monthly on the SASSA SRD website.

SASSA takes three months to approve the application. After getting approval, the beneficiaries can get the grant through direct bank transfer, cash send, or retailers like Boxer, Pick’n Pay, Usave, Shoprite, etc. The applicant can check the status online by visiting this link

The applicant must provide the ID and verified phone numbers to get the grant money. According to SASSA, the bank option is the fastest and most secure method to get the grant. If you want to get paid by the post office, you must use retail to withdraw your funds.

The active grant application status will show after you submit your application. It means that SASSA officials have received your application. Now you need to wait for approval of the funds.

The SASSA officials will take up to 60-90 days after lodging your application for the reconsideration process. They will inform you by SMS about your application status within 60-90 days.

It means that bank details still need to be provided to SASSA by the applicant. You must give the bank details or any other convenient payment method as mentioned by SASSA.

Firstly, you need to dial this number “*120*69277#” After that, follow the instructions, and you will get an SMS about your balance status.

It means that your grant has been canceled because you may have other grants, your income or financial condition has been improved, and you are no longer eligible for the SASSA grant.

You can also confirm your SASSA application status by just providing them the your verified ID and phone number.

If your application has been approved in SASSA status, but you have yet to receive any SMS from SASSA. You must check your provided details and phone number that you have given to SASSA. Applicants can contact SASSA immediately using a toll-free number or visit the nearest SASSA branch.  

If your application has been approved in SASSA status, but you have yet to receive any SMS from SASSA. You must check your provided details and phone number that you have given to SASSA. Applicants can contact SASSA immediately using a toll-free number or visit the nearest SASSA branch.  

It means that your application has been approved for the mentioned period. Now it will be the applicant’s responsibility to check the payment date’s status. If you can not find the payment date, your grant has not been approved yet.

You can check the SASSA SRF balance status by using your bank account, but there is no specific method. You can also confirm your status directly from the post office if you receive the grant through local retailers or post offices. It is free of cost service. All you need to have is your verified ID number and mobile number.

The meaning of declined on Sassa status check is that the submitted information you provided during the application process does not match with the home affairs department, such as your name, surname, ID number, etc.

It is effortless to reconfirm your existing applications through the SASSA official website. Visit and go to the” Reconfirm your grant application” tab. After that, click on the yellow bar button and enter the required information by following the guidelines.

You can call them at the toll-free number “0800601011” for the Status of the Sassa r350 appeal. You must ensure you have the verified ID and Phone number while talking with SASSA officials.

It means that SASSA has approved your grant, and you will receive R350 in your bank account.

If you found your SASSA status pending, it means that allowed dates are not met or there is a delay in the grant transaction.

For any inquiries regarding SASSA’s online application status, please contact them at the toll-free number “0800601011”.

If SASSA has approved your grant, the payment date has yet to be announced. It means they still need to process the payment. As soon as the payment is processed, you will receive an SMS on the verified phone number you provided during the application process.

To get approved for your grant application, you must have a registered phone number by your name.