How To Change Srd Phone Number Without Application ID?

If you do not have the application ID and want to change the SRD phone number without the application ID, then do not worry; there are various ways to change the SRD phone number. You can change or update the number if you are not getting the latest notifications or have lost your SIM card. 

It is important and recommended by Sassa to keep the information updated to receive the latest news about Sassa grants.

You can update the contact details easily by logging in to the Sassa website or using the Sassa APP. By updating your registered cellphone number on Sassa, you can ensure that the latest notifications and information regarding your application are not missed. 

If you have a new address, email, or phone number, it is important to inform Sassa so they can communicate with you about your Sassa grant application using updated information. You can update the contact information easily if you have the application ID in the comfort of your home. Some people do not have the application ID and want to change the number, but they do not know how to change it. Don’t worry. I have explained the process in this article so you can easily change the phone number without having the application ID smoothly and effortlessly. 

Change Sassa Srd Phone Number Without Application ID?

There are two ways to change the srd phone number without the application ID.

  1. By visiting the nearest Sassa office.
  2. By Locating your application ID.

By Visiting The Nearest Sassa Office:

Contact Sassa customer support by visiting the nearest branch If you do not have the application ID and want to change the phone number. The best way to get it changed is by contacting the customer support team. Visit your nearest Sassa office and tell the staff that you want to change your SRD phone number without having the application ID.

Contact Sassa Customer Support By Visiting The Nearest Branch:

If you do not have the application ID and want to change the phone number. The best way to get it changed is by contacting the customer support team. Visit your nearest Sassa office and tell the staff that you want to change your SRD phone number without having the application ID.

SASSA Will Ask For Some Personal Data:

After contacting SASSA, they will ask you personal questions, like your old phone number, home address, full name, South African ID number, etc. Give them all the details correctly because it will assist them in locating your data and application.

Complete the Form:

They can also give you a form where you would have to put all your information and confirm that the data you provided is up to date and correct.

Ask Them To Change The Number:

 After giving them all the details, you can ask them to update the number. They will ask you to provide the new phone number you want to update.

Give OTP Code:

They will send you a new OTP code on your new number. Please share it with the SASSA team.

Keep Your Phone Safe:

It is important to keep your new phone number safe and protected because Sassa will inform you about the application on your new phone number.

Successfully Updated:

After following the above steps, your phone number will be successfully updated.

Locate Your Application ID, And Change The Number On The Sassa Application:

If you do not have the application ID, do not worry; you can still perform the Sassa status change number. Just follow the steps mentioned below. By following the steps below, you can easily locate your application ID.

Steps To Follow:

  1. Visit The Official Sassa Site: To change the phone number without the application ID, follow this link:
  2. Now, you will see two fields.
  3. In the first field, enter your 13-digit South African ID.
  4. In the second field, enter the phone number that has been used at the time of registration.
  5. After entering the two things, hit the submit button.
  6. Now, you will get the application ID.
  7. After getting the application ID, follow the above steps to change the phone number.

After locating your application ID, you can follow Sassa Srd R350 Grant Change Phone Number Online On Application 2024.

It is important to note that you must keep your information protected and not share the OTPS with anyone other than Sassa officials to avoid fraudulent activities. 

Contact Sassa In Case Of Having Any Hurdles:

The South African Social Security Agency has established a toll-free number for the applicants. You can ask questions about your applications for the Social Relief of Distress program. The SRD grant payments are managed by the DSD(Department of Social Distress Program ), giving cash assistance to vulnerable individuals. You can contact Sassa’s call centre using the toll-free number to enquire about the application process, expected SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payment Dates, required documents, eligibility criteria, and verification process.

If you are a Sassa applicant and want to know about the application process, eligibility criteria, how to apply for Sassa, required documents, and expected payment dates, you can contact the Sassa representative using the toll-free number. Their dedicated support members will assist you in the best way and will answer any of your queries. The applicants can get the required information for their SRD grant application process using this dedicated phone.

Importance Of Changing Sassa Number Online Without Application ID:

The applicants need updated information like contact details, addresses, and email IDs. It will ensure that the individuals receive the payments on time and get to know about the SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payment Dates timely. You must change the contact number if your current SIM card has been stolen or compromised.

Having updated information allows beneficiaries to protect their funds and increase the program’s integrity.

There are many reasons to have the information updated, listed below:

Communication Made Easy:

Sassa always communicates with the applicants on the registered phone number to convey information regarding any updates and send notifications about the payment status and dates. By having the updated phone number, the applicants can ensure timely communication.

Limit The Fraud Activities:

The applicants can ensure their funds will not be transferred to fraudsters by keeping the contact information updated. This will increase the integrity and security of the program. 

Security Precautions And Verification Process:

Sassa normally uses your verified phone number to send OTPS and important notifications. They can also use your registered phone number to verify your identity while reapplying, getting payments, or performing any actions on your Sassa account. So, updating the contact information to avoid any hurdles is always important. 

Improving The Efficiency Of The Sassa Program:

Having the updated information will increase the efficiency and smoothness of the program. It will make the verification process easy. Updating the info will save both time and energy for applicants and Sassa officials. The Sassa staff will be able to track your application status by using minimized resources and time. They will be able to tackle more applicants and help people in need once promptly. 

Top Guidelines To Change The Sassa Number Online Without Application ID Smoothly And Fastly:

If you want to change the number without any hurdles and in a smooth, fast manner, please ensure you have all the correct and updated information before starting the process. 

Applicants can stay updated by visiting the Sassa news and updates page. Keeping yourself updated will increase your chances of being aware of any new changes and notifications regarding the Sassa programs. 

The pro guide in changing the number is to be patient and active. Due to the many applicants, Sassa will take time to process your application. 

Keep The Valid And Correct Information:

Before starting the process, the applicants must ensure that all information is valid and accurate. Having the correct details like financial documents, address, phone number, and South African ID number will avoid any errors and complications. Submitting proper information would decrease the processing time and save Sassa additional resources.

It is very important to double-check all the information one can continue and limit any hurdles in receiving the recent benefits and grant payments from Sassa. 

Keep The Information Documented And Save The Reference Numbers Of Emails:

It is recommended that all of the submitted information documents be kept and the reference numbers of all the emails be saved. You can serve them as proof to Sassa officials in case any inquiries or issues arise during the process.

Documentation and saving all things will decrease the processing time and increase the smoothness of the program. Having saved everything will help you keep the data at your fingertips and increase your peace of mind. You will be able to present all things immediately upon request by Sassa officials during the verification process.

Be Patient, Persistent And Face Any Hurdles During The Process:

Sassa receives thousands of applications daily, and they have a low number of resources. During the whole process of updating the information and phone number, Sassa recommends staying calm and patient. You only need to keep checking the information and Sassa Srd Status Check For R350 Online Payment Dates 2024 of your application regularly.

If you have submitted everything correctly, Sassa usually takes 3-4 days to update the information. They can take up to 14 days max if they have many requests. If you are still facing any hurdles or if data is not updated, you can contact them by using a toll-free number or visiting the nearest Sassa branch.

So, it is always recommended that all required information be gathered correctly before starting the process. By doing this, you can overcome the roadblocks and hurdles easily. Ultimately, staying focused on your end goal would be best by having strong determination and dedication during the process. Eventually, you will be able to update the phone number and the required information.

Possible Challenges While Updating Sassa Phone Number: 

You may face different challenges and hurdles while updating the information of your Sassa application, such as technical issues, language barriers, long waiting times, incorrect information, lack of access to technology and the internet, privacy, and security concerns. 

To overcome issues like the language barrier and long waiting times, Sassa has tried to hire many members from different regions of South Africa. 

Sassa is trying to introduce the call-back system due to the long waiting time, and they are continuously maintaining their phone system to provide a smooth experience to the applicants.

Let’s discuss some potential barriers in details that you face while updating the information:

Lack Of Access To Technology:

 A mobile device and a strong internet connection are required to update the contact details for your Sassa application. To overcome this issue, you can use your trusted friend’s or family member’s phone to update the information without hassle. In other cases, you can visit the nearest Sassa branch. Sassa is providing offline methods to update the information. You need to get a form, fill it out with the correct details, and submit it. By visiting the Sassa office, you will have to deal with long waiting queues due to the many applicants.

Language Barrier And Literacy Issues: 

Applicants with literacy issues who can’t speak fluent English may face language barrier problems. You can contact a non-profit organization, a trusted family member, or a friend who knows English well and ask them to talk on your behalf. To overcome these issues, Sassa has also introduced different languages for their toll-free number.

Incorrect Information:

If you have not submitted the correct information, such as your phone number, email, and home address, you will face hurdles in updating the phone number. Sassa will send an OTP code to your registered phone, which needs to be given to Sassa officials so they can update the information on your application. So, it is always recommended to double-check the information while submitting it to avoid any constraints.

Uncooperative Sassa Officials And Representatives:

Sassa has trained all their staff to help the applicants during the process. However, many staff members come from different mindsets and natures. That’s why you may face nonprofessional Sassa staff members. While talking to them on the phone, you can cancel the call and contact them at other times to get another member to help you. If you still face issues, you can contact the Sassa help desk and report your problem to higher authorities like supervisors or managers. You will get help from Sassa’s managers.

Difficulties In Contacting With Sassa:

Thousands of other applicants like you are trying to contact Sassa teams through the toll-free number to update their contact information and seek solutions to their problems. Delays will likely be faced when contacting Sassa officials. 

You need to keep patience and calm during the whole process. Once you connect with Sassa, you can tell them to update your information easily. Stay focused and determined, and keep an eye on your goal of updating the information.

Top Bits Of Advice To Change The Cellphone Without Application ID?

Advice 01:

Double-checking the information before submitting it is always recommended if you want a smooth and fast process. Submitting the correct information to Sassa will boost the process and save you time and effort.

Advice 02:

You need to stay persistent and have patience during the whole process. Sassa receives a large number of applications daily. So, staying focused and determined toward your end goal is recommended. Never lose hope and stay connected with the Sassa officials, and you will get your information updated on your turn, hopefully in a maximum of 14 days.

Advice 03:

Suppose you do not receive confirmation after submitting the correct information within 14 days. You need to contact Sassa to ask about the status of your application. 


Changing the phone number without an application ID can be challenging, and you might face hurdles. It would help to stay calm and determined by focusing on the end goal. Communicating well and submitting the information correctly are advised to avoid delays in updating the information. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to get a smooth process. If you still have issues, contact Sassa at a toll-free number or visit your nearest branch.

Yes, you can change the phone number without the application ID. During the process, locating your application ID first is recommended, but if you fail to find your ID, you can contact Sassa with the required documents by visiting your nearest Sassa branch.

You need to double-check the information before submitting it to Sassa. You can boost the process and avoid any hurdles by providing correct information. 

Sassa receives many applications daily. You might face some delay in processing your application. Sassa may take up to 14 days to update the information. After 14 days, if you do not get any confirmation from Sassa, you can contact them by using the toll-free number and ask about the status of your application.