Sassa Srd R350 Grant Change Phone Number Online On Application 2024 & Fix OTP? 

If you lost your sim or phone number and want to Sassa change phone number, you are in the right place. In this article, I will give you a complete guide on how to do sassa srd change phone number. You must update your cell phone number because Sassa always communicates about program updates, such as Sassa SRD Updates and News, Sassa Check Status, and Sassa Payment Dates, through your registered phone number. Sassa sends notifications on your phone number regarding your bank and credit card statement, pension grant statement, etc. When you change your number, the Sassa system will notify you of your new number and ask you to update your phone number immediately to keep yourself updated regarding Sassa news. To change your Sassa phone number, you must have an application ID, but if you do not, do not worry. I will guide you on how to change srd phone number without the application ID.

Reasons To Sassa SRD R350 Change Cell Phone Number On Application Online?

 There are numerous reasons to change the phone number:

  • Mobile phone or sim card has been stolen or lost.
  • The phone number that has been used at the time of registration is not available.
  • Due to OTP issues.
  • Maybe you have a glitch and not receiving any notification from SASSA.

The mobile number is usually used to verify the authenticity of the applicant’s identity, change payment methods, reinstate the application process, request a reconsideration process, etc.

Sassa will send the OTP code to verify a specific action, so performing or completing the tasks without access to the actual mobile number will be difficult.

Sassa Change Phone Number With Application ID: 

If you have your application ID, it will be easy for you to update contact details more conveniently and quickly. Follow the steps if you have the application ID:

Sassa Change Phone Number With Application ID 
  • Firstly, you need to visit the official Sassa link:
  • Now, you will see the ID number and the Application ID field.
  • Enter the ID number in the first field.
  • Insert your Application ID in the second field.
  • Hit the submit button.
  • Now verify your email address.
  • After verifying the email address, they will ask why you changed the phone number.
  • At this step, enter your new phone number.
  • Click on “Get OTP Code”.
  • You will get an OTP code on your new phone number.
  • Once you verify it, the phone number will be successfully updated.

Sassa Change Phone Number Via WhatsApp:

If you face hurdles when changing the number with any other methods, do not worry. You can easily update Sassa change phone number on WhatsApp. You need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, you need to save Sassa’s Whatsapp number, 082 046 8553, on your phone.
  • After that, you must ensure you have stable Internet and data.
  • Now Send a message Hi to Sassa’s Whatsapp number.
  • Sassa will provide you with many options.
  • Choose an option to update the phone number.
  • Sassa will ask for your verified ID number and previous phone number.
  • In the next step, Sassa will send you an OTP using your previously registered phone number.
  • You just need to enter the correct OTP, and after that, Sassa officials will change your phone number.
  • Remember that Sassa will take approximately 14 days to update the phone number.

Find And Locate Your Application ID, And Change The Number On The Sassa Application:

If you do not have the application ID, do not worry; you can still perform the Sassa status change number. Just follow the steps mentioned below. If you want to locate your application ID, you can check the details here.

  • Visit The Official Sassa Site: To change the phone number without the application ID, follow this link:
  • Now, you will see two fields.
  • In the first field, enter your 13-digit South African ID.
  • In the second field, enter the phone number that has been used at the time of registration.
  • After entering the two things, hit the submit button.
  • Now, you will get the application ID.
  • After getting the application ID, follow the above steps to change the phone number.

Sassa Srd Change Phone Number By Contacting Sassa Official Email Address?

If you are having difficulties changing your phone number using the Sassa website, you can contact Sassa using an official email address ( [email protected] ). This is the most convenient way to change the phone number. They will ask you a few personal questions, like your full name, home address, etc. Just provide them with the correct details to successfully update the phone number.

Srd Change Cellphone Number Online For R350 To Fix The OTP Code?

To fix the OTP code and change phone number, you need to follow these steps:

Open the Sassa website: First, visit the official Sassa site using this link: Please make sure that you are using a secure and good internet connection.

Login to your account: After visiting the above link, Sassa will verify whether you are real or fake. They will ask you to put your verified ID number and Application ID. After entering the ID number and Application ID, hit the submit button and proceed.

Access the profile settings by locating the “SRD change cellphone number” section. After logging in, you must find the “Srd change cellphone number” section.

Answer the question: Now SASSA will ask some questions from you to verify your case.

Update the phone number: After answering the questions, follow the steps to update the phone number.

OTP verification: After updating your new phone number, Sassa will send you an OTP code on your new cellphone number for the verification process. Enter the OTP to complete the process.

Confirmation Message: After updating the phone number, you may receive a successful message that your phone number has been successfully changed.

How Can I Get The OTP Code To Change Sassa Phone Number Using WhatsApp?

If you are having difficulties getting the OTP code using your cell phone number, then do not worry; you can get the OTP using your registered WhatsApp.

  • Save the Sassa phone ( 082 046 8553 ) on your mobile.
  • Send a Hi message to Sassa’s Whatsapp number.
  • Sassa will send you a list of options for different things.
  • Select option number 4 from the provided options.
  • Next, choose the option of “Get OTP” code.
  • Now, you will be asked to provide your reference number. You need to provide it.
  • After giving the reference, submit it.
  • You will get your Sassa pin.

How To Report For SRD Lost Phone Number To Sassa 2024?

Here are steps to follow to tell Sassa about the unauthorized change of your registered number:

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of Sassa by following this link:
  • After visiting the site, you need to enter your 13-digit verified ID.
  • If you entered your registered ID correctly, click the submit button.
  • By clicking the submit button, you will confirm that your cellphone number for Sassa SRD grant R350 has been changed without your permission.
  • Sassa will send you a notification via email to change the phone number.
  • Now, you must confirm and initiate the process for changing your SRD phone number to R350.
  • Follow the guidelines to update your phone number.
  • Sassa will take around 14 days to confirm and check your authenticity. 

It is highly recommended that you report your stolen phone number to Sassa in a timely manner to avoid fraud. By reporting your stolen number, you can limit the fraudsters’ ability to exploit your data and funds.

Timely reporting to Sassa officials will protect your funds and personal data.

Importance Of Changing Srd Phone Number?

Sassa officials recommend changing your phone number if you have stolen it. By keeping the phone number updated, you will not miss any notifications sent by Sassa about your grant status and will receive the latest  SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payment Dates.

Here are a few generic reasons why you need change phone number.

Stopped Using The Current Phone Number:

You might have changed your phone number. If so, it is essential to change it as soon as possible. By changing your phone number, you will get Sassa’s latest dates and notifications.

Current Phone Number Has Been Compromised:

If you think your current phone number has been compromised, change it. This will limit fraud activities and protect your funds.

Keep The Information Updated:

You need to keep your contact details, such as phone number, email address, and home address, to get the latest notifications from Sassa. Protecting your account can create a security wall around your funds and contact information, preventing fraudsters from misusing your funds and personal data.

Stay Informed About Sassa News:

You can stay in touch with Sassa news and updates by keeping your contact details, especially your phone number. Sassa may communicate the latest news about Sassa grants using your registered phone number. 

Steps For Smooth Process Of Sassa Change Phone Number:

It would be best to consider various factors while changing your Sassa Srd phone number. We have mentioned a few precautions that you need to take before starting the process. Let’s discuss them.

Collect All Of The Required Information: You need to ensure that you have collected all of the information required by Sassa officials during the process. Collect your 13-digit verified ID number and phone number.

Make Sure That The Information Is Accurate: After collecting the information, double-check it and ensure it is up-to-date and correct.

Arrange A Reliable Phone And Good Internet Connection: Please ensure a reliable phone and internet connection before starting the process. Doing this will minimize the chances of any upcoming hurdles.

Collect And Organize The Reference Numbers And Confirmation Emails Provided By Sassa Grant:

Before applying, you must keep track of any confirmation emails and their reference numbers related to your Sassa Grant Application. By keeping track of these things, you will have complete proof of everything and can provide them to Sassa officials on demand. 

Be Patient While Updating Your Sassa Details And CellPhone Number:

Due to the high number of requests, you might face challenges while changing your phone number. You need to be patient and wait for the reply from Sassa officials. After submitting your correct details, give Sassa officials some time so they can verify your application and details. Usually, Sassa will take up to 14 days to reflect the changes in their system. With patience and a strong ability to stay determined, one can focus on the results and ensure all processes go smoothly.  

Hurdles And Solutions For Sassa Update Contact Details:

Beneficiaries can face many hurdles while updating their Sassa SRD grant cellphone number, such as long waiting times, technical issues, language barriers, and difficulty retrieving the ID number. To overcome these issues, Sassa has appointed well-trained staff. Due to the larger number of applications, one can still face problems, which is understandable. You must stay calm and be patient while Sassa officials try to assist you by solving your issues.

Possible hurdles you might face during the process:

Technical Issues With Sassas Website Or App:

Due to the many applicants, you might face an issue with the Sassa website or app. Try refreshing the page and revisiting it, clearing your browser’s cache, and visiting the website. If the issue persists, you can try other methods, like contacting Sassa on a toll-free number or visiting the Sassa office to update the SRD grant cellphone number.

Entering The Incorrect Information:

You might face hurdles if you have entered incorrect information. That’s why Sassa urges applicants to double-check the information, like phone numbers, while requesting an update. By entering the correct information, applicants can ensure that they will not face any issues or delays. Typos also create delays, and Sassa can contact you to ask you to enter the correct information.

Uncooperative Officials Of Sassa:

Since Sassa is a huge organization, people from various parts and backgrounds are working with the Sassa. So, chances are there to face issues dealing with uncooperative staff members. You might get frustrated and stressed to get assistance with small issues. In this situation, you need to be calm and patient. Try to resolve the problems with patience and determination. 
If the issue persists, try to talk with Sassa’s supervisors and managers. They will assist you and fix any issues you face with your application. 

Try Other Available Methods:

If you face issues updating your contact details using the official website and app, Do not get frustrated. You can always try other nontraditional methods like:
Try to contact Sassa on the toll-free number.
Reach out to the Sassa team by visiting their office in person.

Essential Notes And Reminders For Sassa Grants Beneficiaries:

Keep these important notes in mind while updating your Sassa Grants Phone Number:

Sasas recommends regularly logging in and Checking Sasas Status Online. If you find no display of records status, contact the Sassa officials as soon as possible on their toll-free 0800 601 011 number to block your payments.

If you have trouble updating your phone number, contact Sassa on their toll-free number for assistance. However, it is important to note that you might face a long wait due to more requests and phone calls.

Please remember that one applicant can submit only one request within 24 hours of the period.

It would help if you stayed calm and patient because Sassa officials usually take 14 days to verify and update your details on their system. After 14 days, you can check the details and get Sassa grant payments.

Depending on your internet speed, you usually need to spend only 10-15 minutes updating Sassa SRD contact details.

Sassa website is compatible with almost all devices like Android, IOS, Desktop, and laptops. All you need is a stable internet connection and a supported browser like (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc).

The application process will take up to 1-2 MB but it is recommended to have at least 15 MB so that forms and images can be loaded without any hurdle.

Change Sassa Phone Number Without Internet Access:

You can contact the Sassa officials directly to Change your Sassa SRD grant phone number without the Internet or online. There are two methods of contacting the Sassa team offline, as mentioned below:

  1. Use Toll-Free Number: You can use the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 of Sassa to change your cell phone number. However, you might face delays or wait due to many requests.
  2. Contact With Sassa In Their Office: You can contact the Sassa officials to update the phone number. Applicants can visit their office in person and ask for assistance. It is recommended that applicants keep identity documents with them, as Sassa officials may ask to prove their identity. The Sassa officials will change the phone number after the verification process.

Critical Tips For Smooth And Successful Changing Sassa SRD R350 Contact Details?

Tip 1:

If you follow the steps mentioned above, the process can be smooth and successful for the Sassa status change number. Sassa highly recommends changing your cellphone number as soon as possible if you get a new phone number. Sassa usually communicates through your registered phone number for grant payments and other updates about the program.  

Tip 2:

You can change number for sassa with or without the application ID. To change your phone number, you must first locate your application ID by visiting the official Sassa website. The whole process has been explained above. You need to follow the steps mentioned above. If you still have issues locating your application ID number, you must visit the Sassa office with the necessary documents. The Sassa officials will try to find your ID number by verifying your identity.

Tip 3:

After getting changed srd status check change number you would have to inform your bank. They will update your phone number in their records so you can get seamless payments without facing any hurdles. You need to secure your phone number and not share your OTP codes with anyone to protect your funds.

Tip 4:

After getting all processes done you need to wait for at least 14 days. Due to the many applicants, Sassa usually takes 14 days to process your request. Keep patient and stay calm while Sassa officials are working on your request. You just need to keep checking with them and your bank account. By doing this you will ensure your mobile number has been successfully changed and you will get the payments without any hurdles.

Final Verdict:

It is very easy to change your Sassa and phone number online if you get your application ID and phone number. You may face some difficulties if you do not have your application ID. Application ID can be located by visiting the Sassa official website or local offices. Please note that do not share your personal details with unauthorized persons. This will increase your fund’s security and protection. You can continuously receive the grant payment funds without any hurdle in your bank after successfully changing the phone number. If you have any issues or queries, you can contact Sassa ASAP on the toll-free number.

There can be many reasons to change or update the cell phone number online, such as if you are having issues, especially if your current registered sim card has been stolen. You may experience receiving the OTP codes, etc.

You can submit only one request in 24 hours to change your number.

Sassa informs you about recent updates and payment notifications on your registered phone number. Sassa officials recommend keeping your phone number updated and active to get a seamless experience and payment notifications related to your Sassa SRD grant.

You can easily change the SRD phone number online by visiting the official website. You will be asked to provide your old phone number and application ID. Once you provide these two things, they will ask for a reason to change and send an OTP or verification code to your mobile number or email address. Upon verifying your identity, they will proceed with your application.

Yes, you can still change your cell phone number if you don’t have internet access. To change your number offline, you have two options:

  1. Contact Sassa by using the toll-free number: 
  2. You can contact Sassa using the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 and get a changed phone number. They will ask for a few things like your application ID, South African ID, phone number, and other necessary things to verify your identity. After verification, they will proceed with your request.
  3. Visit the Sassa office: In this case, you need to visit the Sassa office in person, along with the necessary documents, to help the officials verify your identity. Please remember that in both these cases, you must wait for an extended period due to the large number of applicants already waiting in queues.  

Applicants can easily apply for an ID by visiting the Sassa website. They will ask you to provide your South African ID and phone number. You just need to follow the process by visiting the official website:

If Sassa has rejected your application, you can call them on the toll-free number and ask for the reason. They usually reject applications due to incorrect details or failure in application verification.

The following documents are required to change the number online:

  1. Your South African ID
  2. Application ID.
  3. Residential Proof
  4. Old phone number.

Usually, Sassa takes 2-5 days to change the number. But please bear in mind that Sassa has many applicants and sometimes gets so many requests that it can take up to 14 days. It would help if you stayed calm and patient in this whole process.

You can also check the status by using the Moya App.