What Is Social Relief Of Distress Grant?

Social relief of distress grant is a temporary grant offered by the South African government to individuals and households who cannot meet their daily needs due to a lack of income resources or disaster. The South African government is currently giving aid of R350 per month.

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The Eligibility Criteria For Covid-19 Social Relief Of Distress?

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  •  You must be a citizen of South Africa or have permanent residency.
  • You can get the grant If you are unemployed and your monthly gross income is less than R1500.
  • You must prove that you do not have any income resources.

Who Is Qualified For The Unemployment Grant?

  •  If you are waiting for the children’s grant to be processed by the government, you are qualified for the grant.
  • You can get the grant if the breadwinner of your family has died.
  • A crisis or disaster has occurred, and your house has burnt down.
  •  You are not qualified for any grant and are desperate.
  • If the breadwinner of your family has been sent to prison for less than six months.
  •  You are not physically or medically fit and unable to work.
  • You are not getting any maintenance costs from the parents of the other children.
  • Your age must be above 18
  •  You are not a resident of a government-funded institution
  • Not getting any unemployment insurance or benefits from the government

What Type Of Assistance Will I Get After Applying For The R350 Grant? 

You will be given the social relief of distress through a food parcel or voucher to buy food for you. A few states or provinces will also give you cash to buy some food for yourself.

What Information Is Required For The Sassa Unemployment Grant, And What Should I Do?

  • Your Identity Number
  • Name and surname as mentioned on your ID card, along with the initials
  • Residential address proof
  • Your contact details like phone number, etc
  • Gender
  • Disability 
  • Your banking details, including the Bank Name and Account number
  • Sassa is not required to scan documents like an ID card, bank account, or proof of residency.

After submitting your application, Sassa officials will verify your provided information with the home affairs office database and banks. If you have submitted the wrong data or information, you will not qualify for the grant and will also face legal proceedings.

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What Documents Are Required And How To Apply For Sassa R350 Grant?

There are various ways of applying for the Social Relief Of Distress program, as follows:

  • Dial USSD *134*7737# and apply
  • You can apply by using email [email protected]
  • Apply using WhatsApp 0600 123 456 and select Sassa 
  • You can also go to the local SASSA office and apply there
  • Use Sassa Call Center IVAR by using the number 0800 60 10 11
  • Visit https://srd.sassa.gov.za/ and apply for social relief of distress

Required Documents For Social Relied Of Distress

You need to have the following documents to apply:

  • 13-digit bar-coded ID number
  • Your child’s birth certificate 
  • If you do not have any identity documents or birth certificate, you can get the following documents
  • You need to get an affidavit commissioned from the justice of the peace in which they will mention that if you provide any wrong information, you will face legal proceedings under section 21 of the Social Assistance Act,2004
  • You would have to proof that your child’s birth certificate or identity verification document application has been lodged with the Home affair department 
  • School Report or health clinic card
  • Your Baptismal certificate
  • The Home affair Department issued a temporary Identity card 
  • You can also provide an OATH statement by a well-known person who knows the child and the applicant. The person can be your minister of religion, social worker, counselor, or traditional leader

Note: No Application will be processed without an affidavit.

You need to give the following proofs:

  • You need to give proof that you do not have any income resources 
  • Your marital status 
  • Have a short-term medical disability 
  • Give proof that you have applied for the grant

How Can I Get Paid For Social Relief Grant, And What Are The Available Payment Options?

Get your aid from different cash pay points:

  • Sassa has appointed at least one manager to each cash pay point to manage the queue and distribute the funds. Each staff member will be given a mask and hand sanitizer to protect them.
  • There will be limited access to the centers to control the Covid
  • All of the security staff and Managers will be equipped with gloves and hand sanitizers 
  • All of the applicants and grant receivers will get sanitized 
  • Sassa has created a dedicated support call center which will work 24/7 to deal with different types of issues like SAPO card replacement, nonpayment, and PIN change

Get your Social Grant Payments At Different Bank ATMS And Retail Outlets:

The Banking Association Of South Africa (BASA) has confirmed and agreed that they are ready to distribute the funds by using ATMs from 30 March.

Banks have also conveyed that they will prefer older persons and those with disabilities.

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What Is The Processing Time For The Sassa Relief Grant Application, And How Long Will It Take To Processed Social Relief Of Distress Grant Application?

  • The application will be processed on a First Come, First Serve basis immediately
  • After you apply, your data will be verified by SASSA whether you are a genuinely needy person or not
  • If you do not have submitted complete documents, you will still receive the voucher for the first month
  • Please take and submit all required documents for the second month to the Sassa officer. If you do not submit the required documents, your grant will be suspended for the remaining months
  • If your financial situation has not changed after receiving the grant for three months, you may apply for an extension of the grant for another three months

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What Are The Charges To Apply For The Social Relief Of Distress Program Grant?

There are no charges for applying for a sassa relief fund.