An Introduction To South African Social Security Agency

The South African government established the South African Social Security Agency in 2005. The main responsibility of Sassa is to provide, administrate and distribute social grants to the vulnerable. The Sassa is operated under the Department of Social Development.

Types Of Social Grants Operated By The South African Government:

Sassa offers various social grants to assist vulnerable individuals and households facing financial issues. Grants operated by Sassa are as follows:

Disability Grant:

Disability grant supports those who are disabled and unable to support themselves financially.

The disability grant is for those who are:

  • 18 to 59 years old
  • Have a mental or physical disability
  • Unable to support themselves financially

Grant is valid for only 6-12 months. After expiring the grant, you must reapply if you are facing the same disability issues. You need to prove your disability with a medical certificate that must not be over three months.

The Disability Grant is currently valued at R2,080 per month.

Care Dependency Grant:

The Care Dependency Grant is given to those child who are under 18 years old with any mental or physical disability. It is important to note that the child must not receive care from any government institution.

The Care Dependency Grant is currently valued at R2,080 per month.

Sassa Old Age Grant:

Old age grant is provided to South African Citizens or permanent residents by the South African Social Security Agency who have reached the specified age limit. The resident must be at least 60 years. The applicants are not receiving any other social grant and are not cared for by another state institution. Older people will undergo a mean test to assess their assets and income.

The Old Age Grant is currently valued at R2,080 or R2100 per month.

Foster Child Grant:

This grant is provided to foster parents or caregivers looking after children who are not their biological children. The child must be under 18 and legally living with the foster parent. The foster parent needs to be selected by Magistrates courts with the help of the Social Welfare Department, which indicates that both the foster parent and child are living in South Africa. The FCG will be valid for a specific time issued by Court in its order. After expiring the order, the Social Welfare department will reassess the status of the child and foster parent. After reassessing the status, they will reissue an order. The child will continue to receive the grant until the child turns 21. 

The FCG is currently valued at R1120 per month.

Sassa Child Grant:

Sassa Child support grant is given to a child under 18 whose parents cannot support them financially. The grant is specially allocated to primary caregivers and parents whose income is below a certain threshold. Sassa child grant application requirements include being a citizen of South Africa. Parents and children are advised to give proof of citizenship with income proof. You can apply for this grant by visiting your nearest Sassa office or the Official Sassa website.

The FCG is currently valued at R450 to R500 per month.

South African Social Security Agency War Veterans Grant:

War Veterans Grant is for those who served in the second world war or the Korean War. To be eligible for this grant, you must be over 60, physically disabled and not receiving any other grant.

The WVG is currently valued at R2100 per month.


Grant-in-aid is a special aid especially awarded to social assistance recipients. The grant is awarded to individuals receiving Old Age, War Veteran, and Disability grants. It is created for those who cannot clean their house, take a bath, wash, do laundry or do any other task related to daily living due to disability.  

The GIA is currently valued at R500 per month.

How My Sassa Application Will Get Processed?

You must follow the application process, rules and regulations to apply for a specific grant. The general application process may include completing the application form, providing the supportive documents and undergoing an assessment to determine your eligibility criteria.

You can Sassa Status Check Here!

South African Social Security Agency Payment and Disbursement Process?

Approved applicants will receive the grants every month. The beneficiaries will receive the payments directly to their bank accounts, cash payments at designated points approved by Sassa or through the South African post office.

Sassa Offices And Services:

Sassa has many regional and local offices all across South Africa. The offices are aimed to provide assistance and aid to the applicants, and beneficiaries, including payment processing, application processing or any updates by Sassa grants.

Sassa Fraud Report And Prevention:

Sassa has different types of checks to prevent fraud within the Sassa. They will identify your verification, can ask to prove your identity, and income sources, will evaluate your status periodically and investigate suspicious activities. 

You can report any fraud or abuse directly to Sassa on the official website:

You can also contact SAPS ( South African Police Service ) If you believe fraud has been committed.

South African Social Security Agency Complaints Number:

You can contact Sassa for any complaints on 0800 60 10 11.

You can also check the status by using Moya App.